About Compassion Restoration Ministries

CRM focuses on 3 fundamentals of physical life:

Dry – Warm – Safe

Compassion Restoration Ministries, Inc. (CRM) is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, home based in Stafford County and operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia. CRM provides assistance to the working poor and families in crisis under the umbrella of our four ministries:

Construction / Restoration – Provides materials and services to individuals and families in the local area that are in need of repairs to their homes. We have provided handicapped ramps, roof repairs, or general home repairs. CRM focuses on three fundamentals of physical life – dry, warm and safe.

Automobile – Receives donated automobiles and performs all necessary repairs to pass Virginia State inspections. CRM gives the automobiles to a needy individual or family, who have no other means of transportation. Transportation is essential in this area to secure and maintain viable employment. Individuals who can’t get to work, can’t keep their jobs. If they can’t keep their jobs, they often lose their homes.

Disaster Relief – Provides materials and services after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or flood. CRM has participated in disaster relief efforts in New Orleans, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Nashville, New Jersey, Southwest Virginia and Haiti.

Firewood – Provides firewood to people who rely on wood burning stoves as their primary source of heating. CRM cuts, splits, delivers and stacks firewood for needy individuals and families.
CRM is a total volunteer organization, committed to serving the needy in the name of Christ. We believe that through our obedient service to the poor, the world will be changed and others will become disciples of Christ.

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