Thanks to Stafford County Public Schools Office of Attendance Services for their kind letter of appreciation for the support of our Helping Hand Ministry.  We’d like to share the text of their kind letter with you and to add our “Thank you” to those volunteers who routinely come out to pick up and deliver furniture and appliances with Helping Hand Ministry.

“Dear Mr. Miller and Members of Helping Hand Ministry:

We want to thank you for your very generous donation on behalf of students who are homeless in Stafford County.  Your recent donation of furniture and household items for two of our families is greatly appreciated.  You and your ministry team helped these families in such a wonderful way by furnishing their home.  We are thankful for people like you in our community who are willing to help these families.

Our office appreciates your support, which enables us to provide assistance to families who are experiencing homelessness.  Kathleen Fragosa, our part time McKinney Vento case manager, meets with high school students and also with families who are living in motels.  Cathy Ortiz, our administrative assistant, takes care of the paperwork and assists families who contact our office.

AT the end of last school year, our office identified 360 students as homeless.  We were able to assist our students with winter coats, scarves, gloves, toiletries and some food items.  Each time a student receives any assistance, they are so appreciative, and we are grateful to have the resources to share.  Last school year, our office began a food pantry here and at several other Stafford County schools.  We plan to expand this food pantry to more schools this year.  Currently we have identified 181 students as homeless.

Thank you again for yur contribution of furniture, beds, rugs and household items.  Please keep this written acknowledgement of your donation for your tax records.  SCPS’s tax ID number is XXXXX(omitted for security purposes).

Thank you for your continuing efforts to serve students who are homeless.

Very truly yours,


Mrs. Carol Dexter-Villagran

Stafford County Public Schools McKinney Vento Liaison

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