CRM IN ACTION – Impact VA 2016


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The CRM“yellow truck”  and the team all loaded and packed for the trek to Chesterfield County for Impact VA! 2016.
We will be taking a crew of 9 teenagers, 3 youth leaders, 3 crew chiefs and 1 assistant crew chief.
Oh. The grande jefe for the week is also one of ours. He’s been working several months to locate and vet projects/homes for a couple hundred students to repair next week. He’s also the overall construction coordinator for next week in Chesterfield.

Pray for God’s presence to be revealed to those needing to sense the love of Christ in these practical acts of service CRM is leading Impact VA crews to service  IVA! 2016 crew arrived safely. All settled into their rooms

We dropped off donated food and household items along the way to a family needing help. They are  living in an RV.   CRM will help them relocate it closer to his place of employment later this year. And they’ll be receiving a car for his daily needs.

The lady of the house has serious medical needs and hasn’t been able to get to the doctor regularly.

Their RV is immaculate. They really want to succeed from all appearances.

They were very grateful for the donations (to include the money which we could use a little more of to cover DMV fees). He sold his watch to pay for car insurance.

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