As they finished the job, looks of satisfaction all around that a very challenging set of tasks was completed within the given timeline. Took a disparate group of people pulling together as a TEAM in very short order and getting business done. For others. In Christ’s name. And for His glory.

Compassion Restoration Ministries's photo.
Compassion Restoration Ministries

This is one of the jobs being finished at Impact in Chesterfield County. It was a large job with plenty for many hands. We had a large crew. Until 7 of our crew members had to leave because their church and impact group had a virus running through it making them all sick. That church group packed up and went home so they didn’t pass on the bug to the rest of us.

Took some realigning to finish our job. This final portion is the siding repair and replacement which was needed due to improper installation years ago.

Todd is the guy throwing the thumbs up. He’s grown tremendously over the years as he’s attended most of the Impact VA! trips out of Stafford. His faith in action has grown what he knows to be true in his faith walk.

If you have a willingness to offer yourself for hands on ministry in any of the CRM ministries, take the leap. Offer some of your time. YOU have to take that step to serve for God to grow your faith.

Are you ready to step out and use your time, talents or treasures for Him?

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